Dhyan Kaksh -The School of Equanimity and Even-sightedness - Symbol of Oneness

In the midst of calm, serene and pollution free campus, the magnificent Dome-shaped, School of Equanimity & Even-sightedness, is an unprecedented and unique architectural marvel, surrounded by a water body.

Main gate of Dhyan Kaksha, is preceded by seven other gates. These seven gates are symbolic of humane virtues i.e contentment, endurance, truthfulness, righteousness, equanimity, selflessness & benevolence respectively. The purpose of these sequential gates is to help a person introspect the level of virtues needed to become a real human being.

As we all know that meditation is the only spiritual tool to liberate the mind from ignorance, illusion and evil instincts so from this school of Equanimity & Even-sightedness, the science of inner dimensions will be taught through the process of meditation i.e. a way by which one could always remain in one's natural state of pure being in all its splendour.

For the knowledge of all, the school is meant for all, no one has any right on it. Here, there is no master or disciple, neither is any figure or deity to worship. It is the pre-eminent source of light and true knowledge from where the lesson of humanity would be taught to entire human race. The salient feature about this school is that there is no age limit or entry fee, neither there is any restriction based on caste, colour, creed, riches, poverty etc. For Self-Realisation and to become a good human being, one has to shed ignorance acquired through worldly knowledge to accept humanity as basic 'Dharma', i.e. an inherent divine virtue. Only such being can gain access to this school. From this school, beings would acquire the skill of Equanimity and Even-sightedness, which is the foundation of constitution of 'Satyug', according to which one would be able to learn and practice 'Sajan-bhaav' i.e. feeling of oneness towards one and all in their conduct and behaviour. In this way, primordial cultural heritage of India i.e. 'Satyugian' morals and code of conduct would be propagated from this school. This would enable beings to live life in unity, love, harmony, fraternity and peace. Besides this, skilful efforts would be made to imbibe contentment & endurance so that the being would be able to follow a path of righteousness and truthfulness selflessly. Most importantly, this school has been established for versatile development of families, societies, countries and world as a whole to achieve happiness, tranquillity and prosperity.

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