Spiritual Development

The Trust infuses spiritual enlightenment among its members by way of various kinds of programs and camps, with 'Satsang' being the prime among them. Through this process, stress is being laid with reasoning, to switch over to one faith i.e. to hold the values of equanimity and even-sightedness firmly and skillfully. Then practice it on daily basis to attain maturity. This is considered essential to adhere to the principles, as contained in the 'Granth', for imbibing strong moral and spiritual values in life. For general information, it is added that 'Satsang' is held on every Tuesday and Sunday at 'Vasundhara' and its over hundred other branches, spread across the country and abroad.

Besides, 'Satsang', the 'Gade Ka Yagya' is celebrated in the month of January after observing forty days of worship called as 'Chalisa'. During these forty days, celibacy and chastity is observed and abstinence from physical and worldly desires is practiced to attain the true knowledge of the Supreme Self. One is required to keep one's heart and mind in the pure and pious state to become entitled to wear 'Gada'. This 'Gada' is worn on the wrist of the right hand by the deserving persons.

'Gada' is the divine ornament/weapon i.e. the mace or club of 'Lord Shri Vishnu', which was given by Him as a weapon of peace and power to 'Lord Shri Hanuman'. The 'Gada' acts as a defensive sheath for the wearer as it is not only capable of keeping one's heart and mind away from lust, anger, greed, attachment and egoism but also to firmly uphold the virtues of equanimity, contentment, endurance, righteousness and truthfulness.

We can say that this 'Yagya' is meant to attain a virtue capable of keeping one's heart and mind free from worldly pleasures and mental disorders and thus firmly uphold human values essential to live peacefully. It is also a firm step towards salvation.

The auspicious day of 'Akhand Hawan' is celebrated in the month of February, when each one is supposed to do charity within one's means and ability and transform oneself to become benevolent.

Lastly, the main congregation is held every year during the month of 'Chaitra' (March/April) when the Trust celebrates 'Ram-Navami' as 'Yagya-Utsava' which continues for four days. During this celebration, thousands of devotees, followers, members and other people from all parts of India and abroad representing all sections of the society attend in order to get spiritually enlightened. On this occasion each one is supposed to assess one's own past year's progress independently and identify/understand further changes required to improve oneself to achieve the real goal of life.