The Guiding Force

The activities of the Trust are guided by the Holy Scripture - 'Satvastu Ka Kudarati Granth', which means - "Sacred Scripture of Satyug as revealed by the Nature".

It proclaims omnipresence of the Supreme Being with message:

" Discern nonetheless but me (Real/Eternal Self) is the 'Lord' "
" Only Ignorant say that the Lord is someone along with "

Accordingly, it further emphasizes that:

" 'Shabad' (i.e. the word of God) is our Guru (i.e. Master)
not the figure or image of any person "

This 'Granth' therefore preaches that, instead of different kind of prevalent systems of devotion, only one type of faith shall prevail universally, i.e. to inculcate the skill of equanimity and even-sightedness which would help in keeping our energy, wisdom and mind at the prime level forever. It makes one's faith strong enough to gain knowledge that one's Real Self in itself is the 'Lord' omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. This reveals the truth that in 'Satyug' oneness shall prevail. Instead of the silent repetition of the mantra or the name of any deity by way of devotion or by worshipping or by chanting of hymns, one shall always remain in the state of Meditation. In 'Satyug', each one would be a lover of truth having high integrity and uniform vision and would love to live in harmony. Further, the natural science would make the people of 'Satyug' so enlightened that they would become spiritually capable of producing any thing technically and skillfully with brilliance. Therefore, to become a symbol of equanimity and even-sightedness one ought to have an unflinching self-confidence and firm faith in God with one's divine eye focused on the embodied spirit i.e. eternal light. All these virtues are essential for universal brotherhood for keeping harmony and peace, besides performing one's worldly duties selflessly, sincerely and faithfully to attain salvation.

It declares, that each one of us should know and remember that: -

"The day is about to come when 'Kalyug' will retreat
That day is about to come 'Sajanji', that day is about to come"

'Satvastu ka kudarti granth' has not only comprehensively described the past and the present state of affairs of the Universe, but has also forecasted in detail about the constitution of 'Satyug' i.e. fundamental principles, according to which spiritual, mental and physical conduct of a person shall be governed in 'Satyug'.

  • It contains perfect knowledge, verified and verifiable truth to make every one wise enough to lead a peaceful life collectively, truthfully and religiously based on ethical principles i.e. strictly according to the rules of morality
  • To keep one's thought, action and speech in a pure and independent state i.e. free from any deformation, it suggests to remain firmly dedicated to His command. Further to keep our mind free from any pulsation, it is essential to root our existence in the divine source of Universe i.e. God
  • It calls upon each one of us to become 'Sajjan' in the real sense i.e. a person having a spirit of gentleness, which is essential to live in a divine manner
  • It prohibits one from being in the state of depression, weeping, lamenting or negative thinking in any moment or circumstance
  • It narrates reasons for degeneration of morality in mankind over various 'yugas' or eras and shows the way ahead for mankind and society to uplift themselves from their current ethical and morally deteriorated state. It has also mentioned troubles, which befalls upon one as the result of one's own deeds. It inspires one to eradicate selfishness and pride i.e. agitated state of mind, and transform one from the restless 'Kalyug' temperament to a tranquil and stable 'Satyug' disposition

It is a study of mankind and human affairs viz-a-viz spirituality, with an intent to reduce human sufferings and to improve life specially by social and spiritual reforms collectively.